Sunday, November 4, 2007

Ron Paul Radio Marathon



Chat Room

November 5th Marathon Coverage on Ron Paul Radio

Join Ron Paul Radio as we work with to bring in donations for Ron Paul. The Party starts Sunday night, November 4th @ 9pm EST.

Update, 8:39 pst: Just hit the $7,000,000 million dollar mark!!!!!!!!!!!!

Update, 10:50 pst: $2,773,017 at Midnight EST. Just hit $5,000,000!!!

Update, 5:00 pst: We just hit 1 million dollars just minutes ago!!!

Update, 3:07 pst: It's at $3,571,238 now. $2,773,017 at Midnight EST.

Update, 10:42 pst: $500,000 dolars raised in just over an hour.


spcmckay said...

I "shot my wad" at 12:39 EST when the total was at$2,902,695.92

It would have been cooler if they had reset the counter to keep a running daily total.

Rob said...

$500,000 dollars in just over an hour!!!!!!!!

Rob said...

At 11:45 EST on Sunday I wrote down $2,776,823 from Ron Pauls website. Now at 2:30 EST it's at 3,383,670. We are well on our way.


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