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Ron Paul interview on FOX - Seattle

FOX Friends completely snub Ron Paul in Florida coverage

Do you know anyone who watches Fox News? Do they really believe that Fox is "fair and balanced"? Well if you do know someone, send them some video's like this and try to exercise the demons.

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The last State of the Union

We never have to see another State of the Union from the worst President of all time. Unless Ron Paul wins, by the look of the amount of standing applause during the speech, we're in deep you know what.

Ron Paul Can Win Maine

Gambling 911
Monday January 28, 2008

With many of Ron Paul's supporters still believing their Republican Presidential candidate will have won Louisiana and its delegates, the focus for many is now on the state of Maine.

"Maine has 21 delegates that Paul has a serious potential of winning," points out Natalie Schultz of the Nolan Chart.

Why can Ron Paul truly win Maine? Because outside of the political elite urbanites who control the state, the majority of real Mainers are very anti-government gun-lovers. Huckabee is gaining a Christian following, but truthfully, most Mainers are old-school Christians, not Evangelicals."

Paul has planned to campaign in Maine on Monday January 28.

To date, says Maine Republican Party Executive Director Julie O'Brien, activity on behalf of the various GOP presidential hopefuls is relatively high.

"I mean the phone is not stopping," she says.

Supporters of former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee are busy and those backing Sen. John McCain of Arizona and ex-Gov. Mitt Romney of Massachusetts are stepping up their efforts, according to O'Brien.

She says former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani has a presence.

But most active?

"If I had to say," ventures O'Brien, "Ron Paul," the Texas congressman.

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Ron Paul May Have Won Louisiana

Christopher Costigan

It shouldn't come as much of a surprise that campaign for Republican US Presidential candidate Ron Paul is questioning results of this week's Louisiana Caucus. After all, this is the state that failed miserably to protect its citizens from the wrath of Hurricane Katrina (both before and after), pays its law enforcement officers the absolute lowest salaries, and has issued "sealed" arrest warrants for a few dozen online gambling operators after presumably coming under pressure from local casinos. The later became the State's number one priority, it seemed, following Hurricane Katrina. Go figure!

Now comes word that they have botched this week's Republican caucus. Surprised? Why should we be?

The Ron Paul presidential campaign Thursday called on the Republican Party of Louisiana to count all the ballots submitted in the state’s January 22 caucus.

“The failure of the Louisiana GOP to properly determine who was and wasn’t eligible to vote threw this entire process into disarray,” said Ron Paul campaign manager Lew Moore. “The party needs to correct this mistake by counting all the votes immediately, and releasing the results.”

Due to mistakes by the Louisiana GOP, hundreds of voters were forced to file provisional ballots, including nearly 500 that could change the outcome of the election. According to party officials, caucus locations relied on a voter list from November 1, 2007 despite the fact that under caucus rules, voters must have registered Republican by November 30, 2007. The Louisiana Secretary of State reports that 2,709 Louisiana residents registered as Republican between November 1, 2007 and November 30, 2007.

In multiple instances, state-certified Ron Paul delegates that were on the ballot were forced to file a provisional ballot despite the fact they were pre-approved as delegates.

The Louisiana State GOP also changed the rules at the last minute to allow other candidates to file more delegates. At the time of the original January 10 deadline, Ron Paul had the largest number of delegates pledged to him. The party then changed the rules to give other candidates until January 12 to file more delegates.

Just how important is the Louisiana Caucus?

Ron Paul supporter, Darryl DeMaris, explained to its significance in the whole scheme of things.

"I was on the ballot and understand the process here. The big problem with the Caucus is that registered Republicans as of Nov. 30 were allowed to take part, but the LA GOP only had a list current as of Nov. 1st. Many Ron Paul supporters had not changed parties by that time, but had (done so) by the 30th deadline. Over 500 of the 10,000 voters were provisional.

"The provisional ballots are key and could swing up to 31 national delegates Ron Paul's way. 31 would put him in second or third nationwide at this point."

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

MSNBC Florida GOP Debate on Thursday

Broadcast live on MSNBC and streamed on from 9-10:30 p.m. EST, the debate will be moderated by NBC’s Brian Williams. He will be joined by Tim Russert, as well as St. Petersburg Times editor Paul Tash.

Who won? Vote here:

At the begining of the debate, McCain said that he was very knowledegable in terms of economics. Every candidate got a chance to ask another candidate a question. Paul chose to ask McCain a question regarding, you guessed it, economics. McCains response? He had absolutely no idea what the hell Ron Paul asked him. You could see it on his face. I think that I heard people in the audience chuckling. It's hard to answer a question with a foot in your mouth, isn't it McCain.

Ron Paul on Giuliani, Income Tax, etc.

A little exaggeration on the "ruckus" that the Paul supporters created.

So... Who Won the Louisiana GOP Caucus?

David Weigel
January 23, 2008

I just spoke to Andrew Axom, the field director for Ron Paul 2008 in Louisiana, to figure out how they did in yesterday's caucuses. The answer? "Honestly, we do not know yet."

Here is how National Review's detail-driven political reporter David Freddoso explained it:

Last night, something like 20,000 Republicans in Louisiana picked the delegates to their state convention, who will select half of the state's delegates to the national convention (or, as Jim correctly points out, they may select nearly all of them).

The official results are not in yet, but I'm told that McCain beat all of the other candidates. The conservative "uncommitted" effort — designed to influence the party platform — might have come out ahead of everyone...

Ron Paul finished second. His supporters reportedly mobbed the 11 polling places, but many of them could not participate because they were not registered Republicans. They were required to cast provisional ballots, many of which will not count. (The provisional ballots are part of the reason for the delay in tallying the results.)

Axom confirmed all of this and explained that the "Uncommitted" slate was called the "Pro-Life, Pro-Family" slate. Until yesterday there was a good organization for Fred Thompson. When Fred moseyed off the stage, his canny organizers backed the PLPF slate and handed out ballots like the one pictured above, encouraging people to "win one for the Gipper" by voting for now-homeless delegates. "It was a very slick move on their part," Axom said.

A sizable of number of Paul voters were not registered Republicans until recently (some may not have re-registered at all), so they didn't show up on the rolls and had to cast provisional ballots. In all but two districts (where there aren't enough provisional ballots to affect the outcome) the party is counting them to see if they 1)were cast by registered Republicans and 2)add up to a win.

Final results, when they're available, will be at the LA GOP's website. We're looking at a majority of Republicans in one of the strongest GOP states (post-Katrina) who voted for either Ron Paul or a man who died in 2004.

AOL Straw Poll

Check out this cool poll on the 2008 Elections and vote Ron Paul:

Click image to enlarge.

Picture of the day

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NY Times Censors Ron Paul

Michael Kraft
Charlotte Conservative News
January 20, 2008

This is the third piece I have written today about the blatent and disgusting censorship of Ron Paul aftebeat John McCain today and finished second in all voting in Nevada’s primary.

Ron Paul finished second today beating McCain, Thompson, Giuliani and Huckabee in Nevada.

Yet the rag newspaper New York Times found a way to continue to ignore Ron Paul.

The “official results page” on the New York Times website does not even list Ron Paul as a candidate.

Ron Paul has led Rudy Giuliani and Fred Thompson in almost every state so far and has finished second today which is higher than either of them have finished anywhere.

But the New York times thinks this isn’t worth their ink to print.
Ron Paul out performed Senator Edwards today 3 to 1 in percentage points but still they dont even print his name.

Click image to enlarge.

The New York Times apparently received the phone call informing them not to give any publicity to Ron Paul, and like a good little corporate tool, they listened.

Explain this image, explain why the 4rth highest ranking candidate is not listed amongst the 6 candidates on the “official results” page?

Welcome to the corruption party New York Times, I will spool your paper and keep it next to my toilet.

Ron Paul meets his Limo

We Decide For You 2008 Campaign

Faux "news" decides to omit Ron Paul from their graphic for Nevada's results. They show the number 1, 3, and 4 position's and figure that 2nd place isn't that important.

Shocking considering Fox's reputation for integrity (insert heavy sarcasm).

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Ron Paul in Carson City Nevada

Nevada GOP dismisses Paul complaint

Michael Levenson
Boston Globe
Saturday January 19, 2008

LAS VEGAS -- Ron Paul, other than Mitt Romney the only Republican actively campaigning for Saturday's Republican caucuses in Nevada, called this afternoon for the state party to consider postponing the contest due to "multiple inconsistencies."

But the state Republican Party immediately dismissed the allegations and said the caucus would go on as planned.

"We would hope that the Paul campaign would go act like adults and not try to set up straw men to make up for their lack of organizing," said Steve Wark, a caucus spokesman.

The Paul campaign complained that voters have received postcards with incorrect caucus locations, that eligibility requirements to participate have been changed several times, and that several rural counties could run out of ballots.

"The inconsistencies, errors and multiple changes in the rules reek of playing politics with the what should be a neutral process," said campaign manager Lew Moore said in a statement. "The people of Nevada deserve to know exactly what the rules are and to know that those rules are being fairly enforced. This has not happened up to this point, and the caucus appears to be in chaos."

A Las Vegas Review-Journal survey published today showed Romney leading with 34 percent and Paul in fifth with 7 percent. John McCain had 19 percent, Mike Huckabee 13 percent, Fred Thompson 8 percent, and Rudy Giuliani 6 percent.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Ron Paul Campaign Concerned About Incorrect Caucus Location Information Provided by the Nevada State Republican Party

Stewart Campbell
Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Ron Paul presidential campaign has learned that thousands of Republican voters, including thousands of Ron Paul supporters, have received incorrect caucus location information from the Nevada State Republican Party.

Incorrect information about caucus locations has been given to voters throughout the state, specifically in Washoe and Clark, the two largest counties in the state.

Postcards sent to registered Republicans by the Nevada State GOP contained inaccurate caucus locations and the state GOP website caucus locator was directing voters to inaccurate caucus locations until 6 pm Wednesday evening.

Entire Article:

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Highly Recommended Book

The End of America: A Letter of Warning to a Young Patriot

Find it at Village Books in Fairhaven:

Talk by Naomi Wolf - The End of America

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The Smear Campaign Continues....

Here is Jamie Kirchick on the Tucker Carlson and John Gibson shows spewing this yellow journalism. This guy is from The New Republic website. Check out what's on the front page of their site. This guy is an absolute tool. Here is his email address:

Here is a quick little article:

Is Ron Paul is Speaking to White Supremacists in Code?
Looks like the conspiracy theorists switched to Giuliani. Enjoy the hot potato mayor!
by Grizzle Griz

On the Tucker Carlson Show, The New Republic’s Jamie Kirchick accused Ron Paul of engaging in a massive conspiracy to propagate a racist agenda by speaking to white supremacists in code. He explained that when regular viewers and Paul supporters think they are hearing a typical stump speech or a press interview, they are actually the witless pawns of Paul and his real, intended audience. Sure, it sounds like Paul is spreading a message of freedom and liberty, but Kirchick insists that Paul has woven an encoded message of hate into his live-and-let-live platform. Kirchick did not explain how he managed to crack the code. Nor did he explain why Paul chooses to spread his message this way rather than, you know…using telephones.

Entire Article:

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Ron Paul filling up the sky

Los Angeles Times: Should Ron Paul be allowed at Sunday's debate?

There seems to be a debate going on between Fox News and New Hampshire Republicans over precisely who will participate in this weekend's presidential debate.

Rumor has it that online fundraising sensation and Texas congressman Ron Paul and San Diego congressman Duncan Hunter will be excluded because their N.H. poll numbers are not in double digits, although Paul's fourth quarter fundraising numbers were way into double digits, nearing $20 million, according to his website. In the first 240 minutes of the new year, nearly $11,000 more came in.

Over the weekend a Fox News spokeswoman told Top of the Ticket that the New Hampshire Republican Party was making the choice of candidates to participate in the televised GOP presidential debate on Jan. 6 with Chris Wallace moderating. She even provided the chairman's e-mail: to confirm that. Alas, the chairman never responded to us.

Then, on Monday, that state party chair, Fergus Cullen, issued a statement saying that limiting candidates was not in the party's tradition, suggesting the media should not be in the ....
business of excluding serious candidates and talks were continuing with Fox.
So whose decision is it?

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