Tuesday, November 6, 2007

MSNBC: Ron Paul sets one-day fundraising record 'in the name of a terrorist'

Ron Paul's unconventional presidential campaign has regularly broken the mold of politics as usual and has set new records in the process. On November 5, Paul's supporters raised over $4 million -- breaking the one-day record of any other Republican -- and they did it by exploiting the anarchistic associations of Guy Fawkes Day and the movie V for Vendetta. Although coordinated by an independent website, the campaign has been endorsed by Paul.

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To contact Chuck Todd: chuck.todd@nbcuni.com


spcmckay said...

What kind of person thinks the characther "V" is a bad guy? Somebody give little Joe and Chucky a hug.

Rob said...

I'm not too sure these guy's have seen V for Vendetta.

These two would play the "fingermen" characters in the movie.

Katie said...

Here is what I sent to them: Dear Mr. Scarborough,

I want to start off by thanking you for taking the time to talk about Ron Paul on your November 6th Morning Joe broadcast.

You and your co-hosts have hit it dead on. Those crazy internet terrorist Ron Paul supporters.
I can’t believe the nerve of Paul and his supporters to believe in small government, liberty, and the Constitution. What rubbish.

In the words of your co-host Willie Geist “It’s an old story. That’s what Ron Paul does.” I couldn’t have said it better myself. Why would all those American voters want to hear about how Ron Paul raised 4+ million dollars in one day?

It’s not as if this is the first time a republican candidate has raised this much in one day.

What I really can’t get over is the V for Vendetta thing.
Why would they choose a character that brought the people together, to rise up and fight against an unjust government, while letting their voices be heard. That certainly is a libertarian thing to do.

I especially liked your comments about Paul’s supporters hacking online polls.
I knew it. All those hackers just waiting with bated breath to hack into the Ron Paul Polls and rig them in his favor.

Reminds me of the debate I watched on Fox, where Hannity spoke of the phone texting system that they set up. It was hack-proof, and would only take 1 vote per phone.

When Paul started taking the lead in the poll, Hannity and I knew something was up. In a hack-proof fair and balanced system, Ron Paul hackers must have been up all night figuring out a way to get in.

I loved that you had on NBC News political director Chuck Todd. He is a special piece of work.
He is a true American Patriot. I should have known that Ron Paul and his supporters would be patterning themselves after a terrorist. It truly is scary that they would try and promote standing up for freedom, liberty and the Constitution.

I commend you Joe Scarborough, Willie Geist and Chuck Todd for calling out Paul and his supporters for what they really are. People who believe in limited government, liberty, the Constitution, and the right to be free.

God save us if he wins.

Thank God we have news reporters like you to help us find the truth.

Katie Welch
Ferndale, WA


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