Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Liberty Dollar - Bernard von NotHaus on Glen Beck Tonight 11/20/07


W said...

He sure has a slick way of Supporting the fact that it is a Barter System but still pushes his Unfounded Claims against ron Paul. He often attacks Vigilant Patriots calls us Conspiracy Nuts. I wonder if he realizes his Looney Claims make even Art Bell type Conspiracy Geeks look completely Sane???

spcmckay said...

Why is this idiot still on television? Get this bum off of my TV set! Write a letter to his sponsors now! Demand a response like this one. "We've recently received your email about
one of our marketing decisions, specifically buying advertising time on
CNN.Thank you, first of all, for contacting us with such a sincere
interest regarding Mr. Beck's comments during his program. I want to
assure you that GEICO does not support Glenn Beck's views and does not sponsor
his show. GEICO buys advertising time on CNN, and as part of a broad
rotation, our advertisements occasionally air during his program.
We have received complaints similar to yours and have raised a concern
with CNN regarding Mr. Beck's comments. We have found CNN to be a reasonable and
responsible television network and expect they will take the appropriate action
to monitor the content of Mr. Beck's program. Thank you for
comments." We must redouble our efforts. Send your follow up letter. Glen Beck is going down!


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