Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Fox News Reporter Interviews About His Encounter With DNC Protesters

Where to start. For one, it's Faux. That speaks for itself and I don't really need to say more but will anyway.

They (corporate media) always pick out the people wearing funny masks, people who look different, people who scream and cuss, and so on to showcase in their segments. And by doing that, obviously, the unfortunate people who actually watch Faux think that everyone there is like that. And for the most part, those people acting out negatively at the DNC are provocateurs or college students that have nothing better to do. And of course Bill O chimes in with his "these are anarchist, they hate America" shtick. But guess what Bill? Sometimes when people are pissed off and tired of getting lied to, they tend to revolt, and you act surprised that Faux's street puppet Griff gets roughed up a bit. Faux and it's media whores deserve everything that's coming to them.

And Griff Jenkin spouting that Obama, "one of the most liberal senator's out there", is for getting us out of Iraq. Wrong Griff, he's not. And learn what the friggin definition of liberal is. Getting us out of Iraq would be a conservative thing to do.

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