Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Child Identification Program (CHIP) at Northwest Washington Fair

Here is a video I made and an article from the Bellingham Herald.

Child Identification Program offered at Fair

August 11, 2008

LYNDEN - Parents attending the Northwest Washington Fair through Saturday, Aug. 16, are encouraged to visit the Whatcom County Sheriff's booth north of the grandstand to enroll their children in the Child Identification Program (CHIP).

The purpose of the program is to provide identification records for families in the event their child becomes lost, missing or kidnapped, said Richard Decima, master of Lynden Masonic Lodge.

The program has provided records for more than 200,000 children and their families. All records are given to families for individual privacy and security. The records are not kept by the Lynden Masonic Lodge, the Whatcom County Sheriff's Office or the Lynden Police Department, Decima said.

The procedure takes about 15 minutes and includes taking fingerprints, tooth impressions, a DNA swab from the inside of the child's cheek and a brief video interview that answers key information about the child and can be quickly distributed to media in case of an emergency, Decima said.

The program is free and the first 600 children who participate will be given a free ice cream cone at the Darigold booth.

Here is a photo a buddy just made.


Madame F's friend said...

Oh My God!! The Masons... if this doesn't make the conspiracy nuts go nuts I don't know what will!

spcmckay said...

Why would anybody take this information and not keep it? If you don't have a problem with creepy old men giving ice cream out to kids then that's your perogative.

deryn said...

I scream, you scream, we all scream police state!........wait that's not how it's supposed to go.

Anonymous said...

Heeeeeyyy! Let's get the kids started early on throwing away their personal liberties while they're still ignorant of the facts!

Poindexter P. Parkenfarker said...

On the surface this appears to be very beneficial, especially if only the Parents have access to the Dosier, and can distribute the data in the event of an emergency.

However, paranoia about big brother may not be all that unhealthy. Liberty is protected through vigilance.
Nice photoshop work but you left out the 19.5 and 33 hyperdimensional physics references below the eye. OOps I revealed too much...

Bellinghammer said...

I have to admit, if my kids ever got lost or worse yet kidnapped, I certainly would like to have this information available. Now if the State decided they needed to hold on to this information for me, I would take issue with that.

My question is how do they process the DNA swab on site? Or do they collect all the necessary information and then return it to you on a later date and simply promise it wasn't retained along the way?

Rob said...

Currently they give you all the info to take home. Then there will be some reason for them to keep a database (I can think of many reasons). Next will come the real CHIP. They are just boiling the frog slowly. Just look at the history of your Social Security Number as an example.

There are already hundred's, maybe thousands of dumb-ass's volunteering to get chipped all of the world for various reasons. It's being portrayed in Europe as a cool and trendy way to get into nightclubs.

Just look back as little as 30 years ago. How much data and information do you think was floating around on the general public? Compare that to now. Pretty much everything you do is monitored and in data banks. Why? Because the public is being conditioned to willingly give up their privacy.

People are starting to pay for their groceries with their damn thumb print for god-sakes! Has anyone seen that commercial where the person who uses cash at the register gets scowled at by everyone else in line? It's frigging ridiculous.

But go ahead, get your advanced ID and your passport with the RFID and pay for your dinner with your fingerprint. Oh, to inconvenient for you to deal with all that? Then get your CHIP for all of the above. Then wonder what the hell you did wrong when they turn it off.

Madame F's friend said...

So Why do you as a parent need all this info anyway? Think about it, you are playing right in to their fear trap. If your child were kidnapped a DNA sample is not going to get them back to quickly or safely. The info that is being collected would be useful for forensics. A good photo and x-rays from the dentist are excellent for tracking your child. The irony is parents in this culture are all freaked out about their kids possibly being kidnapped (which is rare) but they can't wait to hand them the keys to a car when they turn 16 which is by far more deadly. We can not trust the government to stay out of our business.


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