Friday, June 6, 2008

Chet Dow (Chairman) Abandons Whatcom Delegation


Bellinghammer said...

I am disappointed that Chet chose to join the walkout effort to force the closure of the convention (if he did as you are suggesting in the from the title and video), I also recognize how frustrating it would be to be there as a convention delegate (who paid the 100+ bucks to take part) and see a concerted effort to stop that, especially after making concessions (national delegates/electors) to have the ability to discuss the platform and resolutions.

But please, calling it abandonment is a little strong and not very constructive. There were some obviously underhanded (but parliamentarily legal) techniques used at this convention that need to be explained and apologized for, but lets remember that many of us are going to have to work with these people soon as PCOs. This may be best addressed at the next WCRP committee meeting.

Bellinghammer said...

Here is an excellent video of what happened (from TVW):

TVW coverage

18:44-19:55 Roll call vote 1: Chet appears to not be present. Did the Whatcom delegation get to cast their votes? The vote goes the way of the Ron Paul supporters.

40:00, 40:50, 41:22: Roll call vote 2: Chet appears at the last minute to announce the delegations vote totals. The vote goes against the Ron Paul supporters and the convention is adjourned.

Rob said...

I think the word abandonment is more than fair. I can think of a lot of other words that I would like to use.

John McCain said...

I think Chet and his gang did a bang up job.

Korina said...

Chet did me a tremendous favor abandoning our delegation. If he had not walked out with everyone else I would not have felt revived like I did after they walked out. There was no need! If the McCanuses had stayed they would have stopped the anti-war resolution among all the others they didn't like. Instead they showed their fear and my hope was renewed, otherwise I would have came back here and left the GOP alone.

spcmckay said...

Chet's final words were,"I'm abandoning my participation." I think his intent is clear.

Poindexter P. Parkenfarker said...

Some folks were unneccessarily rude to Chet leading up to the "interview" and for the Reagan Republicans it seems that they are starting to feel as if some of the Paul Republicans are dragging the Party way back to the nasty days of the Rockefeller and Goldwater Republicans.

I think that would be a mistake.

Chet's a good guy and I don't care if anyone takes my word for it or not. He seems pretty happy for the influx of new independant minded folks, but anybody would get burned out with the rudeness I heard directed toward him.

It's time for the "these people vs those people" nonsense to stop.

We are on the same team.

Wish I could be there next Saturday, but real life takes precedence over politics.


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