Saturday, October 11, 2008

Martial Law


spcmckay said...

We live in a police state but we are not under martial law. I think martial law is a threat but it is not our biggest threat. Our biggest threat is the economy. Bush and company know that there are not enought troops to secure the U.S. There are not even enough troops to secure Iraq. For comparison the population of Iraq is 29,267,000 in an area of 169,234 sq mi with a density of 171/sq mi.

The U.S population is 305,397,000 in an area of 3,794,066 sq mi with a density of 80/sq mi.

Rob said...

It won't be hard at all to install martial law if you scare the people out of their wits. At that point, they will be begging for it. And the vehicle for this fear is the economy.

Large amounts of manpower will not be needed to control the masses. Look at 9/11 for example. People have been made so afraid of "terror", that the Constitution has basically been shredded and civil rights have been disregarded. What standing armies were used to accomplish these feats?

The economy will continue to get worse. There is no doubt about that. People will start freaking out and all hell will break loose. People will react with mass fear and will demand help from the government. Then it will be a cakewalk to implement martial law. Problem, reaction, solution.

spcmckay said...

We should look at the collapse of the economy in the Soviet Union and the declaration of martial law in Poland in 83' as examples of what we might expect.


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