Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Ron Paul and the New GOP

We are Ron Paul supporters and we are the new GOP.
by Mike LaChance
Monday, May 19, 2008

If you're an establishment Republican, you might want to sit down and read this very carefully.

We who support Dr. Ron Paul are the new GOP and we're not taking over the Republican Party, we are taking it back. We are working to support smaller government, balanced budgets, individual liberty, lower taxes and minding our own business; ideas you clearly abandoned long ago.

In April of this year, neocon pundit David Frum wrote an article titled "Why the GOP Lost the Youth Vote." Here's the money quote:

"Today's Republican Party is associated with a wave of disappointments and embarrassments: Iraq, Hurricane Katrina, congressional corruption scandals, the mortgage crisis."

While I agree with the preceding statement, there's an important point that has been lost on Mr. Frum and many others in the media. The GOP did not lose the youth vote, they have so far chosen to ignore it.

In all the places where anyone can see the youth vote in action (YouTube, MySpace, Facebook) the clear GOP hero for young Americans is Ron Paul. Yet still, establishment neocons and their supporters look around and ignorantly ask why no young people are supporting them. Anyone with a brain knows this is either total idiocy or a blatant attempt to ignore Ron Paul.

If the youth vote really mattered to the GOP, they would not only support Ron Paul, they would be setting up Republican voter registration booths in every American city encouraging college aged people and 20 somethings to support Ron Paul. John McCain has made no effort to reach out to Ron Paul supporters. Why?

The Republican Party is in serious trouble. Republicans are losing seats in Congress and John McCain is trying his best to differentiate himself from President Bush. Why then does the GOP pretend it has no youth support? Why is the GOP in denial over its roots? Why have so many young people started watching and posting YouTube videos of Barry Goldwater, Ronald Reagan and William F. Buckley?

Word on the street is that almost 75,000 people showed up for an Obama rally this weekend in Oregon. It's not that amazing when you consider Senator Obama's blind support from the liberal mainstream media. We Ron Paul supporters could give Republicans that kind of turnout too, if only the establishment GOP would acknowledge us and our admiration for the true principles of our party. Instead, they play the violin like Nero did as his empire crumbled and burned around him.

We support Ron Paul and we're the new GOP. We're here to help you and we have a state of the art lifeboat that's worth millions. Will you really turn us away and choose to drown?

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