Monday, December 3, 2007

Dear Deluded Mass Media, North American Union Agenda Exists

Despite official maps, documents, plans and bills in Congress the reality of the NAU and trans border superhighway is still denied as Ron Paul is attacked for speaking out about it.

Steve Watson
Monday, Dec 3, 2007

The media campaign to deny the reality of the move towards a North American Union in the mold of the European Union, which would encompass a merging of the economies of The US, Canada and Mexico, continues with a sharp focus on attacking presidential candidate Ron Paul who has spoken about the move on numerous occasions.

The North American Union issue came to the fore last week when Congressman Ron Paul was sardonically asked during the CNN GOP debate if he believed in it as his many supporters have suggested.

Dr Paul put the record straight by explaining that it is ludicrous to call the very real NAU movement a conspiracy theory.

Huge and very informative article containing video's, links, and images:

1 comment:

spcmckay said...

Ron Paul needs to stop answering questions about "conspiracy theories" or else he's going to win.


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